Finaltis is an independent Paris-based asset management company established in 2001 and is controlled by its executives and directors. Finaltis investors are mainly professionals: banks (private and proprietary accounts), insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, funds of funds and independent financial advisors.

Finaltis drives its asset management by the proprietary philosophy « A.P.I – Active Premium Investing »: selective, dynamic and well-structured investment on equities offering a sustainable and well documented risk premium.

Finaltis’ philosophy has been to manage risks to deliver absolute or excess returns. For each mandate or fund, Finaltis defines with its investors a risk target (volatility, maximum drawdown, VaR limits, ...) and implements methods to maximize the performance within this limit. These methods are either quantitative (and mostly systematic) or quality analysis driven, and exclusively applied to liquid assets. As from 2012, Finaltis started a research program on variance, volatility and correlation and developed the new EfficientBeta investment process to apply its 10+-year experience on equities to equity long-only portfolios; this led to the launch of FCP Finaltis EfficientBeta Euro (UCITS) in December 2013.

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