Established in 1999 as one of the first ten asset management firms in China, Fullgoal takes a methodical, conservative approach to delivering growth to investors in mainland China. By focusing on the long term across Chinese equity, fixed income, and quantitative investments, Fullgoal aligns the efforts of its investment management team with investors seeking stability, growth and diversification. For nearly 20 years, Fullgoal has been dedicated to investment growth, offering institutional and individual investors a reliable gateway to participate in the future growth in China.

Fullgoal’s deep history, rigorous risk controls and disciplined approach give investors the confidence they need to take part in one of the fastest growing and best performing investment markets in the world. Fullgoal’s 400-person professional team across China and Hong Kong has deep experience in the Chinese markets and performs all research in-house, bringing global investors a wide range of long-term direct investment strategies and diversification in China.

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